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    Where the Internet Keeps Individuals Learning

    Enter quietly, sit at your assigned seat put your hands in your lap and be ready to listen.
    Take your hands off the keyboard or mouse when the teacher is speaking.
    Raise your hand to speak.
    Do not touch the computers until you have instructions.
    Listen carefully and follow directions.
    Do not personalize the computers in the following manner:
    Changing the desktop background
    Changing the video and audio settings
    Adding, changing or moving icons on the desktop
    Be gentle with your computer, do not bang on the keyboard.
    Treat equipment with respect.
    Keep it clean.
    Do not touch your neighbor’s keyboard.
    As a courtesy to the next class, please leave your lab as you found it.
    Quit programs, and logout. Stand up and push in your chair. That shows me your ready to line up.

    Throughout the year I will reinforce and repeat the rules and proper care of the computers. 


    Google Dr.


    WHAT IS DRIVE? Essentially, DRIVE is a cloud based learning platform allowing teachers and students to create a range of documents online to be accessed at home and school on any device. It allows multi-user access and editing. All of these tools are housed on the Internet and can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer with a web-browser. No special software is required.

    The primary reasons for supplying these tools to students are:

    ➔ To give our students practice in using current technology applications and tools

    ➔ To give students the ability to work on common, no-cost tools on their own documents

          both at school and outside of school


    ➔ To facilitate “paperless” transfer of work between students and teachers


    ➔ To provide adequate (30 gigabyte) long-term storage space for student work


    ➔ To help students work collaboratively, engage in peer-editing of documents, and

    publish for a wider audience

    As technology continually advances and permeates various facets of our lives, I believe this is an exciting time in education for students and teachers alike to explore and utilize new technology as teaching and learning tools. I will be working with students to educate them around using Google DRIVE in a productive and responsible manner. I also feel it is necessary for parents to be aware of new technologies such as this and encourage you to be proactive discussing it and exploring it with your child.

    These are 21st Century skills that will be important for students to survive in the technological world we live in. Please ask your student about this new resource and have him/her demonstrate how it works to you. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.


    Ivy Stockwell


    Please keep in mind that everyone must use these tools responsibly. Responsible use includes:  using DRIVE for school purposes

     ◆ using DRIVE in ways that do not bully, harass or make

          others feel uncomfortable

     ◆ using “school appropriate” language and images in

          all your communications and creations

     ◆ respecting the work and privacy of others using the tools

    We will discuss the advantages of using Google DRIVE in hopes that your student takes advantage of what it has to offer ­it can be very useful in helping to keep students organized.

    Students will find Google DRIVE to be very helpful in their daily work and gives them practice using skills that will last a lifetime. Use it wisely and have fun!


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