Board of Education Meetings

  • The Board’s next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 21, at 6:00 PM.

    at Berthoud High School (850 Spartan Avenue in Berthoud)

    IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING PUBLIC COMMENT VIA TELEPHONE AT BOARD MEETINGS - As stated below, if you choose to provide your public comment via telephone, in order for your message to be played back at the Board meeting, you must provide your name, address, phone number or e-mail address and the topic of your comment. Please note that the personal information you provide will be played back with your message during the meeting.
    In order to help ensure safety for all, 45 members of the public will be able to view the meeting in-person on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note that temperature screenings will be in place and all attendees must wear a face covering at all times while they are in the building. Due to the location of this Board meeting, it will not be available to watch live on-line. However, a recording of the meeting will be posted later to the district's YouTube channel as soon as possible.  Please CLICK HERE to access the district's YouTube page.
    Public comment for the Board meeting may be provided in-person or virtually by calling (970) 613-6776 between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM on the day of the meeting. When recording your comment, please be sure to leave your name, address, phone number or e-mail address and the topic of your comment. Due to procedures, if this information is not provided, the message will not be played back during the meeting. Messages may not exceed three (3) minutes in length and a speaker may only record one message for consideration to be played at the next scheduled regular Board Meeting.
    The nature and subject matter of in-person comments and recorded messages shall comply with the requirements of Board Policy BEDH and the Board’s public participation statement, including the following:

      -  Speakers are responsible for their own speech
      -  Speakers’ remarks should be suitable for an audience that includes kindergarten through twelfth grade students
      -  Profanity, yelling, fighting words, defamatory or abusive remarks or derogatory language is out of order and shall not be tolerated.

    For public comment that is provided virtually, the Secretary to the Board of Education will review all saved recorded messages to verify compliance with Policy BEDH and these procedures. Please CLICK HERE to access the applicable Board policy.  The Secretary to the Board of Education will cut any recorded message that unreasonably exceeds the allotted three (3) minutes at the most logical break in the speaker’s message. Recorded messages that otherwise do not conform to the requirements of Policy BEDH and these procedures will be disregarded and deleted and the Secretary will notify the speaker of such. Only pre-recorded voice messages saved to the mailbox associated with the telephone number stated above prior to the expiration of the deadline established will be played during the time reserved for brief comments and questions from the public at the next scheduled regular Board meeting.  Students, families, staff and community members are always welcome to reach out to the Board via e-mail at any time.

    To do so, please send your message to: