Remote Learning Times

Length of Learning Activities

Close up, over the shoulder view, of one student drawing a graph in a notebook.

  • TSD Educators are spending the rest of the year providing assignments for "remote learning" or "At Home Learning." 

    • “Lessons” might occur over multiple days, and they might be passion-based or project-based activities.
    • It is important for students to maintain a healthy balance between "school" and "life".
    • Students’ social-emotional wellness and physical and mental health are focus areas along with academic engagement. 

    Below are suggestions for the duration of daily time on task for students at each level. 

    Early Childhood (preschool): Plan for a 15-minute read-aloud of a book, 30 minutes total of structured learning activities per day that could include: literacy and math activities, mighty minutes, learning songs, and social-emotional activities. In addition, families are encouraged to have at least 60 minutes/day of play (with household play materials or an extended home learning activity calendar) plus 30 minutes of outdoor play.

    Grades K- 5: These times include all subject areas (i.e., English Language Arts, Math, and if they incorporate social-emotional activities) and are focused on fun, maintaining learning, and engaging in new learning.

    Kinder-1st: 30 minutes of Teacher-directed learning + 15 minutes of independent work.  

    2nd-3rd: 30 minutes of Teacher-directed learning + 30 minutes of independent work.  

    4th-5th: 30 minutes of Teacher-directed learning + 45 minutes of independent work. 

    Grades 6-12: Students should not be engaged in more than 3 hours total of work each day (across all subject areas). Interdisciplinary learning may be used. Educators may also incorporate social-emotional activities.

    Please visit the TSD COVID-19 Resource page for more information and updates.