• Berthoud Elementary

    Principal: Melanie Patterson

    560 Bunyan Ave. Berthoud, CO 80513
    Phone: 970 613-7500


    Mission: The Berthoud Elementary School community will provide quality opportunities for balanced learning in an environment that ensures that every individual will move toward full potential.

    Slogan: SOAR – Safe, On-task and responsible, Achieve your best, Respect

    Mascot: Eagle

    Tuition-Based Kindergarten; Base Camp Before & After School Enrichment

    Describe: We have a high academic focus and clear desire to meet the needs of the whole child. Berthoud Elementary is friendly, welcoming and has a high level of parent involvement. We have earned the John Irwin Academic Excellence Award several times. We are close to historical sites and downtown.

    Stellar Points: We have a desire to provide a safe, caring, challenging learning environment; collaboration among teachers is very strong.

    Special Offerings: We use flexible skills grouping to meet students' needs across the spectrum, taking students from where they are to where they need to go. Some teachers loop through grades with students. We are at PBiS tier 2 in meeting the behavioral needs of students. We use adult mentors for many students and have many after-school clubs. We also participate with HABIC (Human-Animal Bond in Colorado) dog therapy.

    Extracurricular: Two-thirds to three-fourths of our students are in after-school clubs that are designed and taught by staff voluntarily like Scarf Club, chess, jewelry making and more. We offer Odyssey of the Mind, Spelling Bee, Choir, peer mentoring, Homework Club and more!

    Activities: Odyssey of the Mind, Spelling & Geography Bee, Choir, Chess, Homework Club, Peer Mentoring, many school clubs designed and run by staff to meet interests of students

    Climate: We have high expectations for students to be focused on learning, to think creatively and to have fun. Our staff is highly dedicated and we have fantastic families. The whole Berthoud community is engaged in the education of our children.

    Awards/Accomplishments: Several years recipient of the John Irwin Award of Excellence for being one of the top performing elementary schools in the state; partnerships with community for Christmas in Berthoud to help families during the holidays; CSU Chemistry Department; Berthoud Arbor Day; artistic endeavors in the community and beyond.

    Parent/Support: Outstanding, incredible parent involvement. We are able to do so much more because of our parent and community support – movie nights, memory books, holiday shop, classroom help, jog-a-thon and more.