• Welcome to the BRMS International Travel Club!!


    International travel is a 30 year tradition here at Bill Reed.  Our goal is to take kids traveling out of the country, to experience some of the wonders the world has to offer outside our borders.  The company that we use to make all of the arrangements is called EF Tours (Education First). They are a company that has a history of over fifty years, and has offices in over 50 different countries.  Their many years of experience make them a safe and secure way for young people to see the world. Also as important, is their emphasis on education. So our young travelers will indeed experience the fun and excitement of international travel, but also will return with an appreciation and knowledge of the culture they explored.


    The BRMS Travel Club is re-formed each year as a means of preparing travelers currently scheduled to travel during that school year.  This year, our Spring Break adventure will be Italy, where we will see the ancient city of Pompeii, Naples, and the wonders of Rome.  This trip is already filled with the maximum number of students. However, we are presently gearing up for 2021’s Spring Break adventure that will take us to the country of Belize.

    As of December 1st, we have 8 spots open for the Belize trip. 

    Belize Belize            

    If you have any questions refer them to Mr. Mohler at Robert.mohler@thompsonschools.org.


    Rob Mohler

    EF Group Leader

    Sixth Grade Falcons Social Studies