Application Process

  • Application

    We are now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Discover Your Areas of Interest

    • Explore the 4 available Pathways
    • Research course specifics to be sure you have completed prerequisites

    Apply Online

    • To be considered for enrollment, please complete the TCC application on this website. 

    Selection process consists of a holistic review of the student that includes the following criteria:

    • Pathway prerequisites
    • Attendance
    • Credits earned toward graduation requirements
    • Current Grades/GPA
    • Behavior
    • Consult with case manager and/or counselor

    Communicate with your high school counselor

    • Tell your counselor at your home high school of your interest in attending the Thompson Career Campus
    • Confirm with your counselor the TCC pathway fits with your graduation plan and ICAP.
    • Discuss how attending the Thompson Career Campus will fit into your schedule

     Notification of Acceptance to TCC

    • Students and parents will be notified by email of acceptance.

    Student Success

    • At TCC consistent attendance is key for success here and in your future!