Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Thompson Career Campus?

    The Thompson Career Campus (TCC) is a college and career preparedness program that is accessible for full-time high school students in Thompson School District. Courses at Thompson Career Campus will align with the industry standards for in-demand and growing career Pathways: Construction Skilled Trades, Health Science, Information Technology and Manufacturing and Design.

    Is Thompson Career Campus a high school?

    The Thompson Career Campus is not a "comprehensive" home high school and it does not grant diplomas. TCC is considered a "program" where students attend part time, while continuing to take classes at their home high school.

    Is Thompson Career Campus a part of Ferguson High School?

    TCC and Ferguson High School share the same campus. TCC is a district program open to all TSD students in 10th, 11th or 12th grades. Ferguson High School is the alternative high school in TSD.

    Is there an application process to take classes at the Thompson Career Campus?

    Yes, the application process can be found by visiting the Apply Now button on this website or ask your school counselor for details.

    What are the requirements to attend the Thompson Career Campus?

    The Thompson Career Campus is available to high school students in the Thompson School District. While most courses are designed for 10th through 12th grade students, each Pathway may have specific requirements regarding age, grade level, and/or prerequisite courses. These specific Pathway requirements will be found in the Course Catalog and on our website. When selecting Thompson Career Campus courses, it is important that students review their ICAP profiles with their school counselors to ensure current graduation requirements are being met and work with their school schedule.

    Is transportation provided? Can I park on campus?

    Students who have a valid driver's license may drive themselves to the Thompson Career Campus and park in the student lot. Students are required to fill out a parking application and pay a parking fee.

    What does the Thompson Career Campus class schedule look like?

    There are morning and afternoon sessions available for year 1 and year 2 students in each pathway.  Most students will enroll in one session (2 class periods) at the Thompson Career Campus and attend their home schools for the remainder of their classes. Home high school counselors will work with students and families to ensure that the schedules align with ICAPs and graduation requirements.

    What types of certifications and credits will I earn in my pathway?

    This information is located on this website under each pathway.

    Is there security on campus?

    The Thompson Career Campus has a full time School Resource Officer (SRO) and security personnel on campus. All visitors to the campus will be required to check in and present identification.

    Are there accommodations for students with disabilities?

    The Thompson Career Campus is an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant building. The building contains handicap accessible doors, parking, and bathrooms. For specific questions, please contact us at

    How do I contact faculty and staff at the Thompson Career Campus?

    Contact information can be found on the "Campus Directory" page of the website. Please email us with any additional questions or concerns at

    What happens on days of inclement weather or school closures?

    Thompson Career Campus follows all recommendations and closure rules of the Thompson School District. If the district cancels school for inclement weather, then the Thompson Career Campus shall also be closed and or delayed. Please be sure to check local news stations and well as the district's website for announcements on school closures and delays.

    Are there fees associated with courses offered at Thompson Career Campus?

     Yes, course fees will be assigned. Please check back to see a complete list of course fees.

    Some pathways will require additional out-of-pocket expenses to students for materials/supplies, such as but not limited to, uniforms, safety glasses, closed toed shoes, headphones, etc.

    Students may also be responsible to pay for industry certification exams. Please check our website pathways pages for information or email

    Do I need to re-apply for the 2nd year of my pathway?

    No, if you are not a graduating senior you will be automatically enrolled for the 2nd year to complete the pathway.