• Erwin Tutoring Policies

    What:  Students have the opportunity to get extra help on their assignments on Tuesday after school, and/or Wednesday after school. They may come one or both days, as often as they would like, as long as they abide by the policies outlined below.

    When and Where: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

    4:05pm-4:15pm Required “Activity Break” in downstairs 8th Pod

    4:15-5:15 Tutoring in the Library


    1. Students can come to tutoring if they have been recommended by a teacher, counselor, or parent. Names of students must be e-mailed to Martha Marvin by the day of tutoring:  marvin@thompsonschools.org


    1. Students will sign in each day, and should be prepared to provide contact information for their parents, and the assignments that they will be working on. Please note:  students are responsible for coming prepared to work.  Tutoring is most successful when the parents spend some time the evening before each tutoring session helping their students to organize homework and formulate a "work plan".  It can be problematic when students show up and tell us that they "have nothing to do". 


    1. Students are required to participate in a 10 minute activity break each day that they attend tutoring. This takes place in the downstairs 8th grade pod, beginning at 4:05pm.


    1. No personal electronic devices. This includes earbuds/airpods/music and cell phones.  Students are allowed to use the computers, and will be monitored for appropriate use.


    1. Please send a snack with your student, which they may enjoy in the Hallway. Food and drink (besides water) are not allowed in the Library or PC Lab. 


    1. Students should bring a book so that they can read quietly if they finish all of their homework. Students are expected to stay for the entire time, unless a parent has contacted Mrs. Marvin ahead of time to arrange for an early pick-up.


    1. If students do not bring work, or are habitually disruptive or off-task, their parents will be contacted and they will be dismissed from tutoring.


    1. If parents need to pick up their students early from Tuesday afternoon tutoring, they should send an e-mail or handwritten note to Mrs. Marvin with the time of their pick-up (Martha.marvin@thompsonschools.org).