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    Learners bring their strengths, curiosity, and passions to E³, collaborating with educators, parents, and community members to design personalized projects and pathways in pursuit of life, independence, and academic excellence.



    E3 is an authentic, personalized learning program which allows TSD, K–12 learners, to leverage their strengths, passions, and interests to create an educational pathway to satisfy learning standards and graduation requirements. Learners collaborate with educators and expert mentors to:


    Learners explore ideas and concepts in an experiential manner.  That exploration leads to important discoveries, while learners continue to grow in their ability to read, write, and calculate.


    As E3 learners discover their interests and passions through exploration, they begin to engage through independent study projects facilitated by educators and expert mentors who enhance learning and provide authentic, real-world experiences.


    As learners engage in their personal learning plans, they discover expanded options which lead to graduation. Based from TSD's diverse range of programming, E3 learners access the support they need to reach their personal life goals.