• Athletic Updates

    For wrestling tonight at Windsor!

    Parents, you NEED to have your tickets with you or they will not let you in. If your child didn't get any because they missed practice last night, swing by school and I
    will leave 2 for your child at the front desk (don't try to get extra tickets.  We took attendance at wrestling practice last night so we know who was there, and who wasn't).

    Attached is a map. You guys will be using the main entrance, which is located near the parking lot on the northwest side of Windsor Middle School. Note you will be sitting on the North side, of the West bleachers.

    Windsor Map

    For Girls Basketball home games, we will be Live Streaming the games on our “Turner Thompson” facebook page.

    How to watch the live stream….

    First go to this link…
     https://www.facebook.com/turner.thompson.3781 or click on the FB icon above.

    1.You will be asked to login into your facebook account.
     2. When in click on videos
     3. Now click on the video that has the date.  We will record.  There will be no volume.

    For away games, it will be a similar process but with other schools live streaming. We will get you that streaming info before each game.

    For home games, the first game to play will just head from their hallway to the main gym (if they are in person learning that day) or come in the "home team entrance" (the door on the south side of the building that leads into 8th grade hallway) if they were at home learning that day. Reminder, if you are coming from home, come ready to play. Sweats and jackets over the uniform, but no need to have to change. The second team can wait with their coach in the coaches classroom, OR can go home and come back in time for the game to start. That is up to the discretion of the coach, so make sure you check in with that coach.

    If you are playing the second game, make sure you are at TMS by 6 PM. If there is street parking available on the south side of the building, please use it. Otherwise you can go to the parking lot. Whenever 30 minutes after the first game has passed, an AD, principal, or Coach will head to one of those locations to let everyone know they can come in. This process will be the same for away games, but you'll need to wait for the specific info from that school to know where to park, and which entrance to use etc. We will give that info out the week of the game, so make sure to read your emails! For 6th grade on Thursday, you are playing at Erwin, but you are the home team. so make sure to follow what it says for the home team.

    Here is what I received from the Erwin Athletic Director about coming to Erwin:

    To enter the gym look for the Visitors will enter the school from the North parking lot.  There is a sidewalk that comes straight up to the doors.  This will be by the storage container at the east end of the parking lot. We are hoping to have a sign on where the teams will go once they enter the school.  If the parking lot is full, there is more
    parking at the front of the school but we only have one entrance for athletics.

    Your side of the bleachers will be on the North East side of the gym and your team will use the Boy’s locker room. However, we are asking that you please arrive in uniform. The locker rooms will be available but only as bathrooms.  Only 2 players at a time in the bathroom/locker room please.

    If you arrive by bus with 2 teams, we will provide a room to house the team for the second game close to the gym.  Your coaches will be responsible for supervision of the group.  The room we have for those teams is a weight room and we ask that the equipment is not used. Please email me ahead of time with an approximate arrival time so I get this room ready.

    For the second game a coach will come out to the North parking lot, to wave in the second group 30 minutes after the first game ends.  This could go later than the 6pm time. -Please be sure to use designated team doors to enter for the second game.

    Please ensure social distancing and be sure EVERYONE has on a face covering before entering the building.

    How to watch the live stream….
    First go to this link…

    You will be asked to login into your facebook account.

     When in go click on videos

     Now click on the video that has the date.  We will record.  There
    will be no volume.

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