• Athletic Updates

    Hopefully all of you saw the email regarding TMS athletics this year.  I'll give a couple other tidbits of info in this email to hopefully clear up any other questions. If there are still questions after this email, feel free to email me at paul.farus@thompsonschools.org and I'll do my best to give you the information needed.

    1. We will hold on to your athletic packets for Volleyball and
    Swimming if you already submitted them. There won't be a need to
    submit it twice. We have a phenomenal athletic secretary who has been
    able to keep track of all the payments and packets, so you'll be good
    to go when your new start time comes this spring!!

    2. All paperwork and fees for all sports will be due the first of the month
    BEFORE the start date listed per the district email. As an example,
    girls basketball and wrestling start on January 6th. So paperwork for
    those two sports will be due DECEMBER 1. We will send out reminders as
    those dates get closer, but for your planning purposes if you need to
    schedule doctors appointments and that kind of thing.

    3. Therel is a COVID-19 waiver on the Athletics Overview Page that must be signed for your child to
    participate in ANY sport this year. It's the most pressing for Cross
    country as they will start on August 24.

    4. This section is ONLY for cross country families.

    A. We can ONLY have 25 students per gender on the cross country team
    Maximum. SO far we are under that threshold for this year, but if we
    get a bunch of students signing up late, we will HAVE to cut down to
    the 25 per gender maximum.
    B. All students will be EXPECTED to wear a mask at all times EXCEPT
    for when they run. They need to have the mask on as they walk up to
    the starting line, take it off to start, and then as soon as they
    finish, put the mask back on. This is true for races AND practices.
    C. Larimer County has given a Maximum number of 175 people for outdoor
    events. Therefore, each student will be allowed only ONE spectator at
    meets. I know this is unfortunate for parents who both want to support
    their child, however it's what we had to do to get cross country
    approved this fall. This ONE spectator needs to be masked at ALL
    D. The current cross country schedule posted on the website has, for
    all intents and purposes, been thrown out the window. A new one is
    being made as we speak. We will get that out as soon as we have that.
    E. As far as transportation goes, we WILL have busses for all away
    meets. Students will be expected to be at school by a time to be
    determined by coach Pasch. Transportation to Loveland schools will be
    1 way only. This means we will take your child to the meet, but you
    will be responsible for picking them up. Your student will have the
    opportunity to ride a bus to and from away meets in Windsor and

    Paul Farus, AD
    Music Teacher
    Turner Middle School


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