• What is LINK Crew?
    LINK Crew exists to help incoming Freshmen make a positive transition into high school. Our goal is to create a sense of belonging for Freshmen, and we seek to do this by facilitating connections with LINK leaders and other Freshmen. LINK Crew leaders participate in a two-day summer training which prepares them to lead our Freshmen on Orientation Day. If LINK leaders are also part of the Leadership Class, they will plan lessons throughout the year to promote student success and will organize activities to connect Freshmen with each other and the MVHS community. LINK Crew meetings occur on the first Friday of each month.  
    *There is an application process in the spring prior to students' Junior and Senior years to apply to be a LINK leader.  Each year we are able to accept roughly 60-65 leaders.  
    Contact: Mr. Smith