Live Laugh Love Believe, Inc Awards STEM Grant to Walt Clark

  • The Live Laugh Love and Believe Foundation (LLLB), founder Rick Moehling,  awarded Walt Clark teachers grant money to support our STEMX curriculum.  Over $3,000 was awarded to assist with purchasing classroom equipment and supplies. 

    The Live Laugh Love Believe, Inc organization a great community connection for Walt Clark and their STEM program.


             Class                                                                  Description

    Stem RC                                                   RC Cars - transmission boxes

    Tech Engineering & Design                         lathe to replace old equipment

    Sumo Battle Bots                                      Introcution kit for class competition, tool kits, next level kits

    geometry in construction                           tools, wood and supples

    aviation                                                   circuit scribe drone builder kit, rocket launcher kits, ultralight airplanes kits

                                                                  wind machine works jet engine

    agriculture                                               seed, pots and soil

    robotics                                                   lego education SPIKE prime set