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    Matt Kuhn

    Dr. Matt Kuhn
    Chief Technology Officer - Innovative Technology Services

    ITS Personnel

    Empowering the TSD community to grow into the future with innovative technology today.


    The ITS department's mission is to provide, support, and coordinate the best possible technology for productivity, learning, and school improvement.


    ITS is responsible for planning, implementing, and supporting technology across the district including student devices, staff computers, instructional applications, business software, classroom projection systems, telecommunications, network infrastructure and more. The department also assists the Learning Services Department with improving instructional technology pedagogy in coordination with each school's leadership. 

    Technical Support:

    The ITS Web Help Desk is a Web-based service request system for staff members of the Thompson School District to enter and track their service requests for technology or software support. For technical support, call (970) 613-7777 or submit an ITS Web HelpDesk Ticket.

    Current and Future Initiatives:

Latest Tech News

  • G-Suite for Education News

    Product News
    Stay up to date with G Suite Updates
    Trying to keep up with all of the latest from G Suite? We’ve just updated the “What’s new in G Suite?” Help Center article to include recent launches from the past six months.

    To help teachers and students find assignments quickly, we added topic filters to the Classwork page and changed how new items and topics post to the top instead of the bottom so that students can see the newest information first (newly created courses only). To make Classroom accessible to all students, we’re also changing the way attachments appear in assignments by bringing back thumbnails- so all attachments now have an image preview, especially useful for students who aren’t yet reading.

    Securly can protect you
    How do you ensure your students are on-task and protected from inappropriate content? Join this webinar to learn how a district using Chromebooks can benefit from Securly’s free filtering and self-harm detection solutions.
    Educator Resources
    Looking for new ways to innovate in the classroom? Check out the Dynamic Learning Project Strategy Menu ⎯ a new resource from the EdTechTeam and Google that highlights 150+ instructional strategies and tech tools, as well as helps educators enhance student collaboration, creativity, and more.
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  • 2018-19 ITS Spring Newsletter

    You will find the 2018-19 ITS Spring Newsletter here. ITS may add to or revise this newsletter as needed over the next 30 days.

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  • “Ubiquitous Technology Access” UTA Selection Process 
     This Spring, the Technology and Leadership Advisory Committee (TALC) conducted the “Ubiquitous Technology Access” UTA selection process. We understand your disappointment if your school was not selected to go first. It is the intention of the district to get as many schools as possible to UTA status as time and funding allows. Getting all ten of the schools on the current list to UTA status in one school year is an ambitious goal with the funding and staffing we have for next school year. We knew that there would be more schools that wanted to go to UTA status than we could accomplish. So we set up a fair selection process in which each school was visited by ITS to prepare them for a second visit from a TALC survey team that would assess the readiness of the school for UTA based on this rubric. The survey teams assessed leadership vision and planning, professional development needs, network infrastructure, device selection, special programs, vertical articulation, and strategic considerations such as feeder area.
    While your school might not be going to UTA status next school year, there will be used technology from other schools going UTA that will be redistributed to non-UTA schools. There will also be a other new technology deployed to all schools such as new network, doubled bandwidth, new phones, new intercom/bell/time system, new copier/printers, mirrored TV classroom projection systems (for certain classrooms), and new staff computers (for eligible staff). 
    TSD currently has three schools (MVHS, CBMS, and LEES) with “Ubiquitous Technology Access” (UTA) for students. The UTA Implementation List for 2019-20 is:
    1. Turner Middle School
    2. Berthoud High School
    3. Bill Reed Middle School
    4. Walt Clark Middle School
    5. Carrie Martin Elem. School
    6. Ivy Stockwell Elem. School
    7. Loveland High School
    8. Monroe Elem. School
    9. Berthoud Elem. School
    10. Mary Blair Elem. School
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