• Innovative Technology Services (ITS)

    Dr. Matt Kuhn
    Chief Technology Officer - Innovative Technology Services
    ITS Personnel

    Empowering the TSD community to grow into the future with innovative technology today.


    The ITS division's mission is to provide, support, and coordinate the best possible technology for productivity, learning, and school improvement.


    ITS is responsible for planning, implementing, and supporting technology across the district including student devices, staff computers, instructional applications, business software, classroom projection systems, telecommunications, network infrastructure and more. The department also assists the Learning Services Department with improving instructional technology pedagogy in coordination with each school's leadership. 

    Technical Support:

    The ITS Help Desk is a Web-based service request system for staff members of the Thompson School District to enter and track their service requests for technology or software support. For technical support, call (970) 613-7777 or submit an ITS Help Desk Ticket.

Latest Tech News

  • Options for Calling Families at Home

    There are five options for staff to call families.

    1. Use your landline. If you choose, you can block your number from being displayed temporarily for a specific call: Enter *67. Enter the number you wish to call (including area code). Press your button to initiate the Call.
    2. Use your cell phone if you have an “unlimited minutes” plan. If you choose, you can block your number from being displayed temporarily for a specific call: Enter *67. Enter the number you wish to call (including area code). Press your button to initiate the Call.
    3. Send a Google Meet video call invitation to a parent’s or student’s Google account. If sent to a student’s account, contact the parent first to make sure they are on the video call at the same time.
    4. Set up a Google Voice phone number that is separate from you regular phone number.
    5. Call a phone number using Google Hangouts
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  • Little SIS and Google Classroom

    We have fully integrated Google Classroom and Infinite Campus through a system called Little SIS.  Teachers and staff members may receive emails with heading similar to "Re: Little SIS has made updates to your Google Classroom classes". 

    What does Little SIS do?
    Little SIS compares the rosters within Infinite Campus to the rosters contained within Google Classroom. If a new student is added to your roster in Infinite Campus, the new student will be added to the linked Google Classroom.  If a student leaves a class, the student will be removed automatically from the linked Google Classroom.

    What does this mean for teachers?
    Little SIS analyzed the classrooms for all teachers with the @thompsonschools.org domain accounts.  If you have classrooms outside the domain, your classrooms are not affected.
    For the analysis, if there was a 78% match or more of the individuals within the Google Classroom and the Infinite Campus roster, the Classroom was linked and will now be synced with Infinite Campus. If there was not a match, a new classroom was created for you.
    So what do I do now that Little SIS created a classroom for me?
    • Teachers have the ability to accept or decline a newly created classrooms. 
    • If you decline, you will not receive any further messages (this school year).  
    • If you accept, the Google Classroom will remain in sync with the rosters from Infinite Campus.
    Do students have to accept the invitation to the Classroom?
    Students will not receive any information about this Classroom until it is accepted by the teacher. Once it is accepted, it will automatically be available to students in their Google Classroom dashboard. No more link invites or codes for students would be needed.
    Can I still use the classrooms I already have set up this year?
    Yes, you do not have to accept the new classrooms. However, you will need to manually manage the students (still send invites or provide students with codes). You just need to decline the classrooms created for you.
    Improved Guardian syncs for easier communication, if you allow guardian access.
    With this integration, students will automatically be connected with the parent/ guardians documented in Infinite Campus. If you choose to allow guardians to receive the summaries, you will no longer need to lookup email addresses for parents/ guardians. 
    If the guardian summary is selected in your classroom, parents will receive an email allowing them to see the Google Summaries for classes. Parents have the option to decline to receive these messages.
    Learning Services will be sending information about Google Classroom PD soon. In the meantime, you can use the Beginner's Guide to Google Classroom.
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  • TSD Home Access to Technology

    (Para la versión en español, haga clic aquí)


    In order to support TSD student access to learning opportunities during the district closure, we are offering chromebooks for check out to students and their family who need them on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. See https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S0hmfjYLVj_p79HSGg5zUqeQLjrwxfoPvGfE2FaTpIk/edit?usp=sharing for directions and the online form that you need to fill out before coming to the chromebook checkout station.


    If you have problems accessing the internet, there are four alternatives:

    1. Comcast has offered two months of free internet to families who qualify at https://www.internetessentials.com/covid19.
    2. You can also try using a free Xfinity Hotspot near you. See here for the directions on how to find one.
    3. ​You can park your car in the Loveland High School east side parking lot (920 W 29th St, Loveland), Berthoud High School parking lot (850 Spartan Ave, Berthoud), TSD Admin Building south parking lot (800 S. Taft Ave. Loveland), or Big Thompson Elementary School parking lot (7702 US-34, Loveland). We are working to extend WiFi into the parking lots so you can use it without leaving your vehicle. Use the “TSD” for district devices or “GUEST” Wifi for all other devices. Your student’s Google account will work on the TSD WiFi on a TSD device. There is no password required for the GUEST WiFi. 
    4. ​Use a cell phone as a hotspot. See directions here.​


    The ITS Help Desk is open to all families and staff for technical support. If you need assistance, call 970-613-7777 M-F from 8:00-5:00 pm.

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