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    Student Focused Online Learning

    The Thompson School District provides an online educational experience for students in grades K-12 enrolled in the Thompson School District. We offer two regular programs known as Thompson On-Line and SOARS. Students working online may be enrolled in one or both of the programs; students may also be enrolled in the Thompson Online program part-time (as little as one class), while being enrolled in a regular school. We work with over 600 students and families throughout the year.


    We strive to create a student-focused online learning environment. Student needs are identified and an online learning plan is developed. The end result is a custom designed online learning experience for each student. Students have the ability to access curriculum and assignments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere with an internet connection. Online teachers interact with students through multiple venues (including face to face and online) creating a virtual learning environment. Additional instructional delivery and feedback is available in our learning labs during the school year.


    A student’s online experience is tailored to their instructional needs, pacing perferences, and lab/teacher support needs. Courses can be delivered in an asynchronous manner allowing for enrollments throughout the school year. A synchronous enrollment is meant to work in conjunction with the school district’s semester schedule. An asynchronous enrollment is one in which a student begins and/or ends their semester-long class in a time period that may not line up with the traditional semester schedule. The Thompson Online Campus affords access to a variety of classes including credit recovery, core, comprehensive (NCAA Approved). We accept applications all year. 


    The 2020 - 2021 Schedule is changing on a regular basis due to Covid, please contact us for information. Note: Students will be assigned to a Scheduled Lab if the staff determine it is needed, or the student/parent request it, or a Counselor requests it.  A student might have a combination of class time in the Scheduled Lab and time to work from home to create a complete schedule.  



    We believe that academic performance, attendance, and behavior are all critical to students successfully completing requirements for graduation. Students are expected to pass a majority of their classes within a semester (4 out of 6 for a full-time student). Student progress is checked weekly, and weekly progress reports are sent to students, parents, and counselors.


    Formal progress checks, which may require face-to-face meetings, will occur at least two times a semester (dates will be posted later).

    Failure to make progress and complete classes may result in a meeting with staff and/or administration, as well as a representative from the student’s brick and mortar school, to determine what support and interventions are needed to help the student to be successful, or to determine if online learning is a good option for the student.

    For further information see our Handbook, or contact us.       

    To apply, go to How to Apply.



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    Thompson Online
    Phone: (970) 613-5989
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    william.sherman@thompsonschools.org; or jenniferjames@thompsonschools.org