• The transition from 8th to 9th grade can be a very challenging, trying time, but this program is designed to make that transition into high school easier for you and your student.  Here is what you can expect as your 8th grader begins their transition to high school.


    November 13 - Curriculum night at BHS 6:00 - 7:30pm.*  We strongly encourage you to attend, to see what programs are offered and best support your student with the new graduation guidelines.  Purpose is for the 8th graders and their families to visit their future high schools and explore different departments, meet teachers, ask questions and to have an opportunity to explore options offered at the high school.  Click for more information on what all the TSD high schools offer.

    November 26 - Open Enrollment window opens.  If you are currently open enrolled at Turner Middle School and plan on attending Berthoud High School, you must complete an open enrollment form by January 10th.  There are many changes to the Open Enrollment process this year so please click on the following link for updated information. Open Enrollment Process

    December 10 - BHS STEM application is due.  Click on following link for more information STEM Application Information

    December 12 & 13 - BHS counselors to TMS.  Counselors come to TMS to discuss the registration process with the 8th graders.

    January 10 - Open Enrollment form due - Form for school of choice must be completed on line by 4:30pm.  Click for more information Open Enrollment Information

    January 28 - Course Registration Night - 6pm* -To register and best support your student with class selection for high school and to learn about the new graduation guidelines and STEM program requirements, you should attend.   

    *Other High School Registration Nights for 2020/2021 Freshman: 

    Mountain View HS, Jan 16 MVHS 
    Thompson Valley HS, Jan 23 TVHS 
    Berthoud HS, Jan 28 BHS 
    Loveland HS, Jan 29 LHS 


    Other local High School Curriculum Nights:

    Thompson Valley HS, Nov 12 (6-7:30pm) @TVHS
    Mountain View HS, Nov 14 (6-7:30pm) @ MVHS
    Loveland HS, Nov 6 (6-7:30pm) @LHS
    Loveland Classical Charter, Nov 5 (6-7:30pm) @Academy Campus



    February 4 - BHS Counselors come to TMS to meet with students to complete their registration forms.