• Acronyms

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    AA Affirmative Action
    AASA American Association of School Administrators
    AASL American Association of School Librarians
    AC Academic Challenge
    ACCESS English Language Acquisition Proficiency Test
    ACE Alternative Cooperative Education
    ACM Administrative Coordination Meeting
    ACT American College Test
    ACTE Association for Career and Technical Educators
    ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
    ALC Affective Learning Center
    ALP Advanced Learning Plan
    AMAO Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives
    AOD Alcohol and Other Drugs
    AOSA Administrator on Special Assignment
    AP Accounts Payable
    AP Advanced Placement
    APE Adaptive Physical Education
    APT Administrative/Professional/Technical
    ASBO Association of School Business Officials International
    ASCENT Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment
    ASFA American Schools Foundation Alliance
    ASR Annual Student Registration
    ATLAS Active Transition Leading to Authentic Success (formerly Phoenix Center)
    AUP Acceptable Use Policy (Internet Use Agreement)
    AYP Adequate Yearly Progress
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    BIP Behavior Intervention Plan
    BOE Board of Education
    BP Business Plus (Formerly IFAS)
    BS Business Services
    BWE Business Work Experience
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    C-FIRS Colorado Federal Integrated Review System
    CAD Computer Aided Design
    CAPS Child Assault Protection Skills
    CAFR Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
    CAS Colorado Academic Standards
    CAS Common Assignment Study
    CASB Colorado Association of School Boards
    CASBO Colorado Association of School Business Officials
    CASPA Colorado Association of School Personnel Administrators
    CASE Colorado Association of School Executives
    CAT Computer Adaptive Testing
    CBE Colorado Business Educators
    CBL Comprehensive Balanced Literacy
    CBLA Colorado Basic Literacy Act
    CBM Comprehensive Balanced Math
    CBOCES Centennial Board of Cooperative Educational Services
    CCCS Colorado Community College Systems
    CCLC Century Community Learning Center (21st)
    CCP Certified Competency Program
    CCR Communication and Community Resources
    CCSS Common Core State Standards
    CDE Colorado Department of Education
    CDL Commercial Driver’s License
    CDPS Colorado Department of Public Safety
    CE Concurrent Enrollment
    CEA Colorado Education Association
    CEBT Colorado Employer Benefit Trust
    CELL Comprehensive Early Literacy Learning
    CGFOA Colorado Government Finance Officers Association
    CHAMPS Champion High Achievement to Maximize Potential
    CHSAA Colorado High School Activities Association
    CIC Curriculum Improvement Council
    CIP Classification of Instruction Programs
    CIP Colorado Integration Project
    CLASS Classroom Assessment Scoring System
    CLF Colorado Literacy Foundation
    CMAS Colorado Measures of Academic Success
    CMEA Colorado Marketing Educators Association
    CMEA Colorado Music Educators Association
    COACT Colorado ACT (American College Test)
    CoALT Colorado Alternative Assessment
    COPMS Colorado State Performance Management System (RANDA)
    COSPRA Colorado School Public Relations Association
    CPI Crisis Prevention Institute
    CPM College Preparatory Mathematics
    CPP Colorado Preschool Program
    CPS Child Protective Services
    CRLT Cultural Responsiveness Leadership Team
    CRO Centralized Registration Office
    CRS Colorado Revised Statutes
    CRSC Colorado Rural School Caucus
    CRT Criterion Referenced Test
    CRT Culturally Responsive Teaching
    CSFA Colorado School Foundations Association
    CSI Committee for System Improvement
    CST Customer Service Technician
    CST Custodial Support Team
    CT Critical Thinking
    CTE Career and Technical Education
    CTSO Career and Technical Student Organization
    CFWE Consumer/Family Work Education
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    DAC District Accountability Committee
    DAC District Assessment Coordinator
    DALC Data Acquisition Learning Community
    DECA “A marketing association for students” (previous acronym is obsolete)
    DIBELS Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills
    DIRT District Intervention Response Team
    DLM Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment
    DMI Developing Mathematical Ideas
    DMS District Media Services
    Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment   
    Department of Transportation 
    DRA2 Developing Reading Assessment Second Edition
    DUIP District Unified Improvement Plan
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    Explore, Engage, Expand 
    EARSS Expelled & At-Risk Student Services
    EC Early Childhood
    ECERS Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale
    EDAC Equity and Diversity Advisory Council
    EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    EIS Early Intervening Services
    EL English Learner
    ELA English Language Acquisition
    ELA English Language Arts
    ELD English Language Development
    ELPA English Language Proficiency Act
    EPAS Educational Planning and Assessment System
    ES Elementary School
    ESEA Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965
    ESS Exceptional Student Services
    ESSAC Exceptional Student Services Advisory Committee
    ESY Extended School Year
    ETIL Educational Technology and Information Literacy
    ETOC Educational Television Organization of Colorado
    ExLL Extended Literacy Learning
    EXPLORE Career Interest Achievement Test
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    FACS Family and Consumer Sciences
    FAPE Free Appropriate Public Education
    FAPT Family Assessment and Planning Team
    FBA Functional Behavioral Assessment
    FBLA Future Business Leaders of America
    FCCLA Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
    F/CE Family/Community Engagement
    FFBP Flexible Fringe Benefit Plan
    FEP Fluent English Proficient
    FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act
    FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act
    FARM Free and Reduced Meals
    FRCC Front Range Community College
    FS Financial Services
    FSP Family Service Provider (EC)
    FTE Full Time Equivalent
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    GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Practices
    GASB Governmental Accounting Standards Board
    GED Graduate Equivalency Diploma
    GEMS Gender Equity in Math and Science
    GFOA Government Finance Officers Association
    GPA Grade Point Average
    GT Gifted and Talented
    GTAC Gifted and Talented Advisory Council
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    HB House Bill
    HCC Healthier Communities Coalition
    HI Hearing Impaired
    HKS Help Kids Succeed
    HLLI Hispanic Latino Leadership Institute
    HOPE Healthy Opportunities for Personal Education
    HR Human Resources
    HS High School
    HS Head Start
    HVAC Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
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    IB International Baccalaureate
    IC Infinite Campus
    IC Instructional Coach
    ICAP Individual Career and Academic Plan
    ID Intellectual Disability
    IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
    IDEIA Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act
    IEP Individualized Education Plan
    IGA Intergovernmental Agreement
    ILC Intensive Learning Center
    ILP Individual Literacy Plan (State acronym)
    IRC Information Review Conference
    ISP Internet Service Provider
    ISTE International Society for Technology in Education
    ITS Innovative Technology Services
    ITS Industrial Technology
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    JIC Joint Insurance Committee
    JSPC Juvenile Services Planning Committee
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    LAN Local Area Network
    LC Learning Center
    LCETS Larimer County Employment and Training Services
    LCIOG Larimer County Interagency Oversight Group
    LCS Loveland Classical Schools
    LDC Literacy Design Collaborative
    LDE Linguistically Diverse Education
    LEA Local Educational Agency
    LEAP Loveland/Berthoud Enrichment Access Program
    LEP Limited English Proficient
    LINKS TVHS Business to Classroom Plan
    LISA Loveland Area Integrated School of the Arts
    LMS Learning Management System
    LPEP Literacy Personalized Education Plan
    LRE Least Restrictive Environment
    LS Learning Services
    LTD Long Term Disability
    LUC Latinos Unified in Community
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    MAP Measures of Academic Progress
    MDC Math Design Collaborative
    MESA Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement
    MHSA Mental Health Substance Abuse Steering Committee
    MOU Memorandum of Understanding
    MMO Making Meaning of Operations (Part of DMI)
    MPC Master Plan Committee
    MS Middle School
    MVR Motor Vehicle Record
    MWE Marketing Work Experience
    MYP Middle Years Programme (IB)
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    NAEP National Assessment of Educational Progress
    NAEYC National Association for the Education of the Young Child
    NCASPA Northern Colorado Association of School Personnel Administrators
    NCE Normal Curve Equivalence
    NCLA Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance
    NCLB No Child Left  Behind
    NETS National Educational Technology Standards
    NGSS Next Generation Science Standards
    NS Nutrition Services
    NSBA National School Board Association
    NSFA National School Foundation Association
    NSPRA National School Public Relations Association
    NVCS New Vision Charter School
    NWEA Northwest Evaluation Association
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    OCR-U.S. Office of Civil Rights
    OLR Online Registration
    OT Occupational Therapy
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    PARCC Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
    PBA Performance-Based Assessment
    PBiS Positive Behavior and Intervention Support
    PBL Project Based Learning
    PCC Professional Concerns Committee
    PEBC Public Education and Business Coalition
    PD Professional Development
    PDCA Plan, Do, Check, Adjust
    PERA Public Employees Retirement Association
    PILO Payments In-Lieu of (Land Dedication)
    PIO Public Information Officer
    PIP Performance Improvement Plan
    PLAN Career Assessment and Achievement Test
    PLC Professional Learning Communities
    PLD Professional Learning Day
    PLL Professional Leadership and Learning
    PLtW Project Lead the Way
    PM Preventive Maintenance
    PMC Performance Management Committee
    PMI Performance Management Incentive
    PPO Preferred Provider Organization
    PPOR Per Pupil Operating Revenue
    PR Payroll
    PRT Psychological Response Team
    PT Physical Therapy
    PTA Parent/Teacher Association
    PTF Pandemic Task Force
    PTO Parent/Teacher Organization
    PTR Pupil/Teacher Ratio
    PYP Primary Years Programme (IB)
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    RCD Rigorous Curriculum Design
    READ Reading to Ensure Academic Development
    RIF Reduction in Force
    RIT Rasch Unit
    RFP Request for Proposal
    RtI Response to Intervention
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    SAC School Assessment Coordinator
    SAC Site Advisory Committee
    SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
    SB Senate Bill
    SBE Standards Based Education
    SDP Strategic Data Project
    SEA State Educational Agency
    SED Serious Emotional Disability
    SH/OA School Health/Office Assistant
    SIA Student Information and Assessment
    SIID Sensory Integration Impairment Department
    SIOP Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol
    SIPPS Systematic Instruction in Phoneme Awareness, Phonics and Sight
    SIS Student Information Systems
    Skills USA CTSO for Industrial Tech Students
    S/L Speech/Language
    SLBDS Sick Leave Bank Donation
    SLD Specific Learning Disability
    SLIRP Summer Literacy Intensive Reading Program
    SLO Student Learning Outcomes
    SLP Speech Language Pathologist
    SO Superintendent’s Office
    SOARS Secondary Options for Achievement Resulting in Success
    SRD Significant Reading Deficiency
    SRO School Resource Officer
    SRS Severity Rating Scale
    SSC Support Services Center
    SSIS Social Skills Improvement Systems
    SSS Student Support Services
    SST Student Success Team
    STAC Select Technical Advisory Committee
    STEM Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
    STEPPS Supporting Twice Exceptional Professionals, Parents and Students
    SUIP School Unified Improvement Plan
    SWAAAC State Wide Assistive, Augmentative/Alternative Communication
    SWAP School to Work Alliance Program
    SWIS School Wide Information System
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    TANS Tax Anticipation Notes
    TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
    TC Transportation Center
    TCAP Transitional Colorado Assessment Program
    TCIRA Thompson Council International Reading Association
    TCSC Thompson Classified Staff Council
    TEA Thompson Education Association
    TEF Thompson Education Foundation
    TEN Teacher Educator Network
    TIC Thompson Incentive Credit
    TIF Tax Increment Financing
    TLT Thompson Leadership Team
    TOL Thompson Online
    TOSA Teacher on Special Assignment
    TPP Teen  Parent  Program
    TSA Technology Student Association
    TSD Thompson School District
    TSDL Teacher-Student Data Link
    TST Thompson Schools Television
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    UbD Understanding by Design
    USDE United States Department of Education
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    VALE Victim Assistance Law Enforcement
    VAT Vinyl Asbestos Tile (Flooring)
    VI Visually Impaired
    VITAL Volunteers In Thompson Assisting Learners
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    WAN Wide Area Network
    WC Workers’ Compensation
    Wida APT English Language Acquisition Placement Test
    WO Work Order