• Thompson requires students to use the Naviance/Family Connection  program for the Individualized Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) for career planning (State requirement) and during the college application process in order to manage communications between Thompson and college admissions offices.  Letters of recommendation are uploaded and stored, and then transcripts are sent through Naviance to the students' selected colleges.  
    This program also allows student and their parents to determine the student's learning styles and career interests and to research colleges and to assist with the application process.  Parents and their students each have their own "log in" for Naviance/Family Connection and can use the program independently.  

    High School Student Logins:

    BHS- Login

    FHS- Login

    LHS- Login

    MVHS- Login

    TVHS- Login

    High School Checklist 

    Middle School Student Logins:

    BRMS-  Login

    CBMS- Login

    LEMS- Login

    TMS- Login

    WCMS- Login

    Middle School Checklist