• Personalized Learning

    The teachers and staff in Thompson School District are dedicated to working with students and families to design a personal learning pathway for each student based on their passions, strengths and needs. We care about students having meaningful learning that is not based on seat time and gives students more choices in what they want to explore at a deeper level. Teachers are committed to providing specific feedback to help students transfer and apply the skills they gain during their learning to foster growth and inspire students to excel. We are committed to ensuring that every student is prepared for success in college, career and community.

    In the classroom setting, competencies and performance indicators should be the foundation of instruction and assessment. The scoring criteria provides the basis for balanced evidence collection including projects, performance tasks or assessments to determine a student’s competency. Teacher collaboration and calibration in examining student work is crucial to the success of a competency-based learning system.  When students have not demonstrated mastery of expected learning standards, he/she receives additional instruction, practice time, and academic support to help him/her achieve competency.

    Competency-based learning fosters equity by holding all students to a common set of rigorous expectations, while providing flexibility in time, pace or place for students to progress through content as they demonstrate mastery.