• Tuesday, August 23, 2016

    Our boy’s golf team is competing at Twin Peaks Golf Course today and our boys tennis team is heading to Niwot. Good Luck guy’s!

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  • Monday, August 22, 2016

    Welcome to Thompson Valley High School for the 2016­-2017 School Year!


    New policies we would like to make you aware of;


    1. Tardy policy: ­After 3 tardies, student will be sent to Dean’s office. The student will receive a work detail/lunch detention. After the detention, the process starts over. If behavior continues after second cycle, the student will serve a 1 hour after school detention.


    2. Student will be required to wear student ID’s at all times. This is a safety measure and is not intended as a punitive measure. All high schools in the Thompson R2­J district are doing the same thing. The intention is to only have people in our building that are supposed to be in our building. If a student forgets their ID, a temporary one can be issued by a campus monitor.


    3. Attendance policy: ­After 4 classroom absences, student will be put on an attendance contract. If absences continue, student will be put on a check and connect system where they check in with administrator in the morning and after school. Further absences can lead to lunch detention, ISS or after school detention.


    4. Lunch is only to be eaten in the cafeteria, courtyard or off campus. If students are found anywhere else other than with a teacher in their classroom, they will be escorted back to the cafeteria. This is an attempt to keep our school beautiful and create less work for our custodians. Teachers do your best to issue passes to students who will be spending lunch with you.


    5. After school detention will be put into effect immediately. It will be conducted in Miss Whitney’s room which is D11. After school detention will be held from 3:00­4:00 on Wednesday afternoons.

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