• Bus line up in front of Erwin for 2016-17
    LEMS- Bus Line Up In Front of School






    1066 (Bus goes to Loveland HS)



     Bus Routes: this link will connect you to LEMS website. https://www.thompsonschools.org/cms/lib/CO01900772/Centricity/domain/61/middlebus/LucileErwin.pdfYou can also find LEMS Bus routes on LEMS main web page, "POPULAR" tab (right side)/Bus Routes.  
    If you need help please call Transportation dispatch office at  970-613-5185.

    At LEMS, please note students can no longer count on ONLY going by their assigned bus # , they need to know their normal bus position in the line-up. 

    Your assigned bus will always be in it's same line-up position.

    Example: Bus # 1088 is ALWAYS parked in 2nd Bus Position, Bus # 1045 is ALWAYS parked in 7th Bus position.

    If a student is in doubt, they can always ask the driver..."are you going to such-and-such corner".

    The driver is always happy to help!