Kids Corner
    Before and After School Child Care
    6:30am to 6:30pm
    A safe, fun, educational, totally awesome place for kids!
    Contact:  Amy Wood 
    Kids Corner is an established, certified, school age child care provider, serving the local community and schools in the district.  Our program is in your home school so your child doesn't have to travel to another location.  We are committed to providing the best quality, affordable child care for children and families in our community.
    Our professional caring staff will make sure your child feels safe and important while in our care.  A nutritious snack will be provided every afternoon so your child does not go hungry or lose energy during our busy afternoons.
    Kids Corner Goals
    Develop inner-strength and character of every child, through leadership and decision making opportunities.
    Strengthen the interpersonal and social skills of young people by facilitating positive experience.
    Foster an appreciation for diversity through modeling and expecting respect and acceptance for everyone.
    Increase fitness, health and self-awareness by providing opportunities for physical activity every day.
    Compliment and integrate your child's educational experience with a well-rounded curriculum where children develop a sense of involvement, responsibility, and empowerment as a member of a learning community.