Knowledge Bowl

  • Do you have lots of unused knowledge laying around? Well, put it in a bowl! Knowledge bowl, that is!

    Knowledge Bowl is a trivia based club that meets from 3:01 to 4:01 after school Thursdays in room 412 (Pintos's room.)

    Knowledge Bowl practices consist of answering questions and snacks. The questions may seem a little meaningless, but if you delve deep into your soul, you find that they actually are indeed meaningless. This shouldn't be a problem, though, because there is probably nothing better for you to do after school Thursdays anyways. Even if there is, think about it this way; "I can go to super-fun Knowledge Bowl, or (insert other club/activity here)" There you have it. Knowledge Bowl wins.

    I know what you're thinking, "Sounds like fun. But what if I can't answer the questions?" To decide whether Knowledge Bowl is right for you, a five question quiz has been included for your answering pleasure. 

    1. What percentage of German spies in England during World War II were caught?

    2. In 2004, he presented a new theory about black holes, which contradicted his own long held belief about their behaviour, thus losing an old bet to Kip Thorne and John Preskill. Who is this famous scientist who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?

    3. Name the actor who played Darth Vader's son.

    4. List the five rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.

    5. Who is the only man to serve as both President and Vice President of the United States without being elected to either position? 





    1. 100%

    2. Stephen Hawking

    3. Mark Hamill

    4. Speech, religion, press, assembly, petition

    5. Gerald Ford 




    All right. Here is a nifty grading scale to decide whether Knowledge Bowl is right for you.

    0-1: Knowledge Bowl is unpredictable. You may answer nothing one week, and be on fire the next. Join Knowledge Bowl.

    2-3: Not too bad. Your skills would benefit Knowledge Bowl greatly.

    4-5: Very good. You should join Knowledge Bowl 

    There you have it. That's Knowledge Bowl in a nutshell. You should come to a practice, and see how much fun it is.