• Thompson School District has a regular group of over 3,500 volunteers that dedicate their time in our schools and on various district efforts throughout the school year. Our volunteers are INVALUABLE!
    Para inscribirse como voluntario, vaya al sitio web http://www.thompsonschools.org/page/2277  y haga clic en el botón AZUL que dice "New Volunteers". Una vez que usted está en la página VITAL Online, haga clic en el botón en la parte superior izquierda de la pantalla, justo encima de donde dice "VITAL", y cámbielo al español. Gracias
    For the safety of our children-
    ALL volunteers assisting with field trips and activities held at LEMS, and all schools in the Thompson School District, during the day or evening have to be registered through the district. To start the process, you can find the link on the Thompson School Districts main web page under "Quick Links/ Volunteer Get Involved" or click the link below. Thank you for considering to volunteer! We appreciate your help!
    **IMPORTANT - APRIL 30 is the last day for volunteers to register on VITAL online**
    With spring field trips coming up soon, we’d like to remind everyone that the deadline to become a registered volunteer is coming up quickly.  Many of our schools’ field trips occur in May and, for the safety of our kiddos, no one can go on a field trip unless they have BOTH registered AND passed the background check.  If you already have a name tag in the front office at the volunteer station, you have already been approved as a registered volunteer.  
    If you plan to volunteer in the classroom, at a school event, or you would like to chaperone and join in on a fun field trip, but you haven’t already registered, enough time needs to be allowed to process both the registration and background check which can often take up to 1 week.  So, to prevent problems, please visit the TSD VITAL link to complete the quick and easy process: http://thompson.k12.co.us/page/2277.  
    If you have questions, please contact Stacee Kersley, the LEMS Volunteer Coordinator at skersley@gmail.com.  Thank you so much!