• Destination Imagination

     Advisor: Mr. Lefler 

     Meets: Thurs. 3-4 Rm. 121
    Fee: Even though there isn't an entrance fee, there may be some costs for materials once students start working on their project and will be the responsibility of the participants. (This won't ever be a huge amount; most projects have a maximum of a $150 budget, total, and split between the entire team)

    Destination Imagination combines creative problem solving, teamwork, and fun into a unique opportunity for middle school students! D.I. is open to any 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student, and incorporates the talents of actors, writers, builders, artists and more. Teams of up to seven students each work to solve a long-term “problem” as well as an instant challenge for the early spring tournament. Winning teams have the opportunity to compete at the State and Global levels.