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    Review the scenarios to determine your course of action for enrollment.

    Scenario 1- I live in the High Plains boundary, have no other children currently enrolled in other district schools, and want to enroll my child for kindergarten (who did not attend a district early childhood program): You may register your incoming kindergarten age child through the district's on-line registration application available at https://www.thompsonschools.org/newstudentregistration 

    Scenario 2- I live in the High Plains boundaries, have no children currently enrolled in district schools, and wish to enroll my 1st-8th grade child(ren) for the 2017-2018 school year: Complete an on-line registration form available at https://www.thompsonschools.org/newstudentregistration
    Scenario 3- My child attends a charter school in the Thompson School District. We live in the High Plains School boundary and wish to enroll our child in the school: A parent must withdraw their child from the charter school. Once the student is withdrawn, the parent can update their information through the parent portal link in Infinite Campus.
    Scenario 4- I wish to enroll my child for the early childhood program: The early childhood program has a separate registration and enrollment process. Please go to www.thompsonschools.org/preschool to find more information about the program and how to register