Danielle Feeney

Principal's Message


    HPS Motto: Charging through failures, Stampeding through challenges


    It is with great pleasure that we welcome back our returning families and some new ones too! As we head into year four, we are excited to continue our work developing our educational program, after school athletics and activities, and community and culture. High Plains is a STEAM school that strives to support children in their academic and social/emotional abilities and skills. We believe through our educational program children will not only become successful students, but also engaged citizens of their world. 

    Becoming a STEAM school involves implementing instructional practices that support students making connections between various content areas and applying the skills and knowledge learned through their studies to solve relevant and authentic problems that exist in their community and world. We call this Problem Based Learning (PBL). All of our students at each grade level will participate in PBLs during the school year, as well as other every day activities that involve investigation, inquiry, and problem solving. An important component of our educational program includes students working together to learn and problem solve. The "soft" skills they learn and practice through their PBLs and every day school work will serve them well throughout their lives, whether in the work place, home, or social life. 

    We thank all of our families, PTCO, and community members for your support over the past three years. We look forward to another successful school year and welcome your support, in whatever form that may take. 

    Danielle Feeney

    High Plains School Principal

    HPS Mission: High Plains is an early childhood through eighth-grade STEAM school fueled by innovative and authentic learning opportunities where all members feel safe, valued, and empowered. Students are immersed in the inquiry process while taking risks and engaging in issues facing our community in order to have a positive impact on our world today, tomorrow, and in years to come.