• Entrepreneurship Volunteer
    We need volunteers and sponsors for our entrepreneurship program.  If you are willing to volunteer as a mentor, coach, or sponsor, please click the link below to fill out a simple application.
    • Mentor - They are the team’s go-to-guide through the process. They will establish a relationship, set up rules of engagement, and once connected they should work with teams weekly or bi-weekly.
    • Coach - Subject matter experts who will teach in the classroom. They will also provide feedback in class helping students understand how to apply the concepts to the teams’ model. We need guest speakers to educate on the following topics:  Ideation, Proposition, Customer Segments & Market Sizing, Pricing, Financial Modeling, and Web App Development.
    • Sponsors and donations - Any amount will help! We would love to be able to fund the student’s ideas and get them started in the business world. 
     Contact Misti Juergensen for more information:  misti.juergensen@thompsonschools.org