Chess Club is starting soon!  Next week on Thursday, October 4th we will start with an informational meeting at 7:30 am in Ms. Parks room.

    See Ms. Parks with any questions.

    Chess Club- Staff Sponsor - Ms. Kelly Parks
    Chess Club will be on Tues. 7:30am-8:30am in Ms. Parks' room (A36)
    Permission forms must be completed before joining Chess Club!
    Chess Club will be an opportunity for chess players (or those who want to learn) to get together and practice their skills. We will learn from each other and learn some unique ways to play chess just for fun, as well as, chess etiquette to be used in tournaments and serious chess games. NO CHESS EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED! We will be happy to teach you. 
    Did you know that playing chess supports STEM learning?  Playing chess...
    - improves critical thinking and mathematical problem solving.
    - enhances memory, patience, and concentration.
    - teaches you to plan and think ahead.
    - creates new brain connections and uses both sides of the brain.
    - increases test scores for critical reading and other subjects.
    - is for everyone and anyone- no special talent needed to begin!
    Contact Ms. Kelly Parks for more information about WCMS chess club.
    Kelly Parks
    Gifted & Talented Specialist