Library Information

  • We have wonderful new things happening all the time in our Library.  We have -
    FIRST READ BOOKS - when a student checks out a book that has not been read before, they have the opportunity to share the book with their class, earn prizes and have their name put in the book for all Time!!!
    CORNER QUIZ - we have a question posted in the corner of the bulletin board.  The first student who brings in the answer on a piece of paper, including where they found the answer gets a Free book.
    SMARTIES - students who show just how smart they are can win Smarties!!! 
    TUESDAY TODDLERS - at 8:30 every Tuesday morning we meet in the library, practice with the morning announcements, and read a seasonal age appropriate story.  All Toddlers and their families are welcome to come!! 
    Remember there is always something happening in the Library.