• My name is Trish Malik and I am beginning my fourth year as the principal of Laurene Edmondson Elementary and my 26th year as an educator. My passion is teaching and watching the light bulbs turn on when a child learns something new has never grown old for me. I have loved developing relationships with the students and families at Edmondson and look forward to another fantastic year.

    We are very excited to enter the fourth year of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) implementation.  This coming year, we will continue to implement and refine our transdisciplinary units that incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards with the Common Core standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics. Design Thinking and Problem-based learning continue to spark great enthusiasm in our students’ learning. We are very excited by the level of engagement students demonstrate for learning. They are thinking like scientists and engineers by using their curiosity to help drive their learning. 

    Our mantra this year is “having a growth mindset.” We embrace a growth mindset by helping our students reach success with the following attitudes: I can learn anything I want to; When I’m frustrated, I persevere; I like to challenge myself; When I fail, I learn; I like being told that I try hard; If my classmates succeed, I’m inspired; My effort and attitude determine everything. 

    Because we believe in the whole child and our mission is “maximize all student outcomes”, we are implementing a new social and emotional intelligence daily curriculum, In Focus, in all of our classrooms. The lessons will help students identify and manage their feelings and learn strategies for preparing themselves to be the best learners possible.

    In September, we received a $10,100 grant from Ottercares to help fund our Innovation Station which a maker space. This will be a great addition to our school and provide many opportunities for students to problem solve, innovate, create, and design using a variety of materials, tools, and technology. Stay tuned throughout the year for updates on our progress in creating this amazing space.

    We look forward to partnering with our families and community to make the 2015-16 school year a year to remember.