• Thompson School District Mask Mandate Removal Updates
    February 10, 2022

    On Wednesday, February 2, the Thompson School District Board of Education voted to adjust its current COVID-19 face mask policy. The district’s face mask mandate will expire on Saturday, February 12th, to coincide with the end of Larimer County’s mandate. Beginning on that date, face mask usage in all district schools and buildings will become optional and strongly recommended for students and staff.

    In response to this change in community and district policy, county health officials have released their updated guidance for the mitigation and management of COVID-19 within our schools and buildings. Please see below for more information:


    • Individuals in sports activities will not need to mask during practice or games.
    • The identification of one COVID-19 case will likely lead to a quarantine for the entire team for a minimum of six days from the last exposure.
    • An increase in COVID-like symptoms in an activity could also result in a temporary activity closure.
    • The use of masks during sports and during practices, play and among cohorts can minimize the number of students who are quarantined after an exposure.
    • Vaccinated individuals without symptoms do not need to quarantine.


    • Masks are no longer required for spectators or visitors in TSD buildings.


    • Thompson School District will continue to monitor "high risk" rooms and activities. Please note that higher risk rooms (such as an ILC location) may have to preventatively shut down after one or more cases of COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms.
    • Routine contact tracing will not resume at this time.
    • Classrooms and activities with connected spread (epidemiologically linked cases) could be considered an outbreak with a suspected connection of three or more cases. For now, the onset of five cases is still considered an outbreak, which can change tracing requirements in the schools.


    For any further questions please reach out to our athletic directors, megan.cole@tsd.org or david.roberts@tsd.org


  • We thank you for your patience and continued support. TSD and CBMS staff are doing all we can to offer excellent athletic opportunities to our students in a safe and healthy manner. 


    Go T-Birds!