LEMS Cross Country 2020-2021

    "Run for your Life"

    "Keep looking forward...only the competition is behind you"

    "Say you can do it and you can"

                            boy running running girl

    Parent Meeting  Friday August 21st 4:00-4:30pm.  Join with Google Meets at meet.google.com/iya-ynxc-zuu .  Submit your questions prior to the meeting by completing this form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/172Ar5e-DtmhgkEqx3BIS1DBSJRaM6g_QS2kxCUd8w7Y/edit?ts=5f3c50b7


    Greetings families and student athletes!


    LEMS XC 2020 Fall (Updated 8/17)

     Start Date:

    • 8/24/2020
    • Fill out the Athletic Packet (available on the Erwin Website “athletics”) or from the Erwin front office. Please return this to the front office on or before the first day of practice.
    • Sign the Covid 19 waiver

     Before you come to practice each day:

    • Fill out the following form before leaving your house https://forms.gle/6gruE9WrQi1xo55M9 
      • We will have a thermometer at practice and a QR code posted outside of the 8th grade pod/cafeteria for those who need it. Please arrive a few minutes early to practice if you need this done.
    • Have a comfortable mask to wear before and after running
    • Water bottle (that must not be shared with others). Water will not be available inside the building.
    • Using the restrooms and locker rooms inside the building will not be allowed. Please use the restroom prior to coming to Erwin.  If an athlete needs to use the bathroom at school there is a major process involved that we would like to avoid.  This will take time away from coaching and training

     Practice Time: These times may change (with notice) as the season continues.

    • Start- 7:00am Please try and arrive prior to this time for temperature checks
    • End- 8:00am

     Team Information:

    • Goals: Participate and compete. We will make sure we are safe and having fun with our classmates.  We will build relationships among teammates and coaches.  We will have a positive experience out of
    • Only 25 boys and 25 girls. These will be cohorts and kept separate.  If someone gets covid then we can contact trace and quarantine a group and not the whole team.
    • If we have more than 25 in a gender we will have a 1 mile time trial as a tryout. This is awkward as we have never had tryouts for XC.
    • Quad meets will be limited to a smaller group of runners. Not all athletes will run at each quad meet. 
    • There will be a limitation as to how many spectators can come to a meet and those who come must wear a mask and keep physical distance from others.
    • After practice, athletes must continue to physical distance with masks until picked up from practice. Athletes should leave school grounds as quickly as possible after the end of practice or a meet.


    Stay Healthy,
    -Your Cross Country Coaches

    Please contact LEMS Coach, Timothy Bren with any questions or concerns

    Email: timothy.bren@thompsonschools.org
    Phone Lucile Erwin @ 970-613-7601 
    Website: www.lemsxc.weebly.com (updated info will be found here.  If there is an issue with this website, check this page as an alternate)