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    Students can access and read books on a computer, e-reader (such as a Nook or Kindle), iPad, or even an iPhone.

    How to Access Thompson School District  e-books:

    1.   http://thompson.lib.overdrive.com

    a.    Select Thompson School District R2J

    b.    Sign in (see below)


    2.   “Google”Ivy Stockwell School

    a.    Click on “Resources” – “Library” – “Library Links”

    b.    Select“eBook Lending Library” from the menu

    c.    Select Thompson School District R2-J

    d.    Sign In (See below)

    Signing into Thompson e-books:

     Username = first initial, middle initial, lastname, last 2 digits of graduation year

     (For example, if E.B. White was in kindergarten, his log in would be ebwhite26).

     Password = 6 digit lunch code (same as their library #). This # is on report cards.

     (For example, 680000) 

    Note: New students and students in Kindergarten need to add two zeros to the front of their 6 digit lunch code for their password. If you are having trouble signing in…try adding 2 zeros – e.g. 00680000

    Borrowing books without downloading software:

    You can borrow any book available in “Overdrive Read” format without needing to load software onto your device or computer. You can instantly read these books in your browser. All 3rd-5th grade students have practiced this in the library.


                To read some of the e-books, you first need to download free software (either Adobe Digital editions or Overdrive Media Console). The type of software you need will depend on the device you are using (computer, Kindle, Nook, iPad,etc.). See link to help-videos below.The software will allow you to return e-books early and check out e-books from Front Range Public Libraries (with a library card number) as well as the Thompson School District OVERDRIVE Library.

     OverDrive How-ToVideos:


    For a computer; click “Software” at the bottom of the Thompson e-booksite:

    ·        Select Abode Digital Editions and click “download Adobe Digital Editions”

    ·        Choose the correct installer for your computer (Windows or Mac)

    ·        Follow the instructions to install the free software.

    ·        You may be prompted to create an Adobe Digital Editions ID, using your email address and a password. This Adobe ID will allow you to log into the software from other computers or devices. 

    Note: For many new e-readers, install the free “Overdrive Media Console” app from the app store. See help videos on instructions for your particular device. There is also help available within the TSD  e-book lending system. Look for the “Help” and “Overdrive Help” links..

    Exploring e-books:

    1.    Click on “account” then “Bookshelf” to see which e-books you have out. You are allowed to borrow 3 e-books and put 3 on hold. Books are typically borrowed for 2 weeks. They will automatically be returned after that time…No Late Fees!

    2.    Use “account” to also view books on hold, books in your wish list, or to change settings.

    3.    You can now search books using the search box or by subject, collection or reading level.

    4.    To filter your search to show only books available now, select the “Available Now” filter on the left hand side of a collection. To filter your search to show books available in “Overdrive Read” format, select the “Format” filter, then “Overdrive Read”.

    Selecting and Downloading e-books:

    1.    Books that are available to be checked out will have a black book icon in the top right. Books with a white book icon are checked out, but you may request that they be put on hold for you.

    2.    Click on the desired book.

    3.    If the book is available, a “Borrow” option will appear. It will show the formats available. If the book is checked out, the “Borrow” button is not there, but you can ask for the book to be put on hold for you by clicking the “Place a Hold” button. It will prompt you for an email address so they can notify you when the book is available. It is against the law for children under 13 to disclose their email address. The first time they will ask for an age. Children under 13will need their parents to input their own age and email address for hold notifications.

    4.    To borrow a book, click “Borrow”.

    5.    Click the purple “Download” button and select the format you desire. Choose “KindleBook”, if you are downloading onto a Kindle, otherwise select “EPUB eBook”, if available. Other formats include “PDF ebook”. Some books have a blue “Read in my browser” button which allows you to read the book on your computer (or other device with internet access) in an “Overdrive Read” format, without downloading the software.

    6.    Open and view, or transfer to a device.

    7.    See help videos: http://overdrive.com/help-videos/ for more information.