Registration Questions and Answers

  • When can I register for the upcoming school year?

    Registration for the next school year begins in January and continues throughout the year.

    What do I need to register my children?

    Parents must upload the following documents during the online registration process, or bring them on their first school visit.

    •  Birth certificate
    •  Immunization record
    • Proof of address (i.e. utility bill, lease contract) 
    • Request for Records form
    • Open Enrollment form if applicable.
    If you have a unique residency situation, please call the Central Registration Office at 970-613-6877.

    When is my child eligible for kindergarten?

    Students may enter kindergarten if they are five years old on or before October 1 of the year of enrollment.

    How can I learn more about my children’s schools?

    Families are encouraged to attend their schools’ back-to-school functions and to contact their schools’ office staff to arrange a time to visit.

    My children did not attend TSD last year, but have in the past. How do I enroll them this year?

    Follow the steps on the "How to enroll" page as if you were registering with TSD for the first time.

    We live in the TSD district, but we would like to enroll our children in a different TSD school than the one to which we are assigned. What do we do?

    TSD values a family's right to choose the school that will best meet its children's needs. Follow the guidelines for in-district open enrollment:

    • Resident students do not need to reapply once accepted at the new school.
    • Transportation will not be provided.
    • There must be room in the grade level the student will enter.
    • There must be a program in the new school that is appropriate for the enrolling or transferring student.
    Contact the school for specific information; especially at the high school level. Print and complete the 2015–2016 Application for In-District Student Open Enrollment or Transfer form, and return it to the school you want your child to attend, along with any other documentation requested by the school. All students new to TSD must follow the steps to register online. All open enrollment requests must be approved prior to registration and enrollment.