• Ponderosa is a School of Global Learning
    What does that mean to Ponderosa Students? 
    Click here for a quick overview of what it means to be Global!
    We will:

            Investigate the World


                              Recognize Perspectives


                                          Communicate Ideas 


                                                                    Take Action


      Investigate the World

    • Click here to link to where students can investigate pictures, world of animals, important people, science projects, compare places and much more! 
    • Want to know what children eat in Paris, Sao Paolo, or Istanbul for breakfast?  Click here for a great tour of Breakfast Around the World
    • Click here to see classrooms around the World
    • What do children's toys around the World look like?  Click here
    • Have an Ipad?  Click here for an awesome app to teach children how to be a Global citizen.
    • Ever wondered what recess looks like around the World?  Click here for a glimpse.

          Recognize Multiple Perspectives

    • Click here to see ways that Ponderosa is "recognizing multiple perspectives" and things you can do at home too! 

      Communicate Ideas: 

    • Write your name in multiple languages by clicking here

      Take Action:

    • Looking for some reading materials to inspire your little Panda to "Take Action" and CHANGE THE WORLD, click here for an extensive list of great books!
     Families can investigate ​"activities that help young minds go global", within topics including animals, celebrations, geography, language, movies, and games, or by region of the world!  Click here for fun investigations! 
    Global Minded

    Where in the World is Bamboo the Panda??
    panda with a map

    HELP! Bamboo, our panda, has gone missing! His natural sense of curiosity and enthusiasm led him to Investigate the World! We need your knowledgeable help to locate him.  Lucky for Ponderosa, we have three clues to help narrow down the search and bring him safely home.  Mrs. Neuhalfen and Mrs. Neibauer will post the three clues on the bulletin board by the elevator.  We will need your commitment to find him and bring him home safely before Friday.  Please check the "Where is Bamboo" section of School News (front page) to see where that Crazy Bamboo has gotten himself off to next.


    Rules about playing:


    1.  Research about the location must take place outside of key instructional time

    2.  Please look with your eyes at our board, not your hands

    3.  If you find which country Bamboo is visiting, write your name on a slip of paper with the name of the country and continent. Make sure to turn it in to the envelope next to the bulletin board, before Wednesday morning.

    4.  During Wednesday morning announcements, we will read through all submissions and randomly draw one correct answer. 

    5.  If your answer is chosen, you will need to come to Bamboo's map by the elevator to claim your prize! 

    6.  New clues will be posted and shared on the announcements Wednesday mornings.



    Is THIS the Ponderosa Playground?