Olson Pajama Project

  • Olson Pajama Project 

    Sharon Olson

    "Education was her life, and she loved every minute of it"
    “Olson’s Pajama Project” will honor Sharon Olson’s vision! Beginning November 3 and throughout the month of November all 17 Loveland, Colorado elementary schools are teaming up to collect gently-used and new children's pajamas. The pajamas will be given to Loveland elementary-aged children who otherwise would not have any for the winter season. The Olson Pajama Project will be an annual event to honor former Thompson School Board President and teacher, Sharon Olson, who passed away in February, 2014.
    The Olson Pajama Project, headed up by David Irby of The Groves Agency and Kendra Vair Educator Effectiveness Coach for the Thompson School District, both former students of Olson, who feel that this project has been a long time coming.
    “It was a few years back when Sharon and I sat down to catch up over coffee,” said Irby. “We hadn’t seen each other in years but I could tell right away she had an assignment for me.”
    Olson’s excitement about this new project wasn’t lost on Irby. “She said, ‘I have this idea. It’s all about pajamas,’” recalls Irby. “Sharon went on to explain that there is poverty in Loveland and a large number of kids in our town don’t have pajamas.”
    When Irby asked Olson what these kids slept in, she simply said, “Their jeans.”
    “The thought had never crossed my mind,” said Irby.
    Now, in honor of Olson and the love she had for the children of this town, Irby, Vair and their volunteers, supporters and donors are helping to make Olson’s vision a reality. “We’re going to succeed beyond her wildest dreams. She’ll be proud,” said Irby. “This is going to be a fun project.”
    Donation boxes will be located in the office of every Loveland elementary school, and the project requests that donated pajamas be in sizes suited for elementary-age children. The school that collects the most wearable pajamas will be the first to receive the traveling Olson Trophy.
    If a family would like to request a pair of pajamas, they may visit the project website at olsonspajamas.com, drop off the request slip by the donation box, or call 970-203-5561. All requests will remain anonymous.
    Vair encourages parents and their children to get involved with this cause. “This project is absolutely necessary, it’s new, it’s different and it will honor an amazing woman. Our students need more experience in service based learning projects. What an authentic way for students to participate in something that has a positive impact on the community they live in. We have no idea what the Pajama Project will bring for the families in Loveland, but our hope is this endeavor will create a ripple effect and students will begin to serve others in this community in ways we have never imagined.”
    For further information, please contact David Irby at 970-203-5561 (call or text) or at david@thegroves.agency