Volunteering at Winona

  • We Need You!



    Volunteer Registration

    • Volunteer website: https://www.thompsonschools.org/domain/1153

      • Scroll to the bottom and click on the blue button (new volunteers), follow the directions to register

    • Be sure to complete registration at least two weeks before you plan on volunteering

    • When you arrive at school to volunteer check-in with the office staff


    Other Ways to Volunteer:

    • Manage Paperwork: offer your child’s teacher or the office to help organize paperwork from home or at school

    • Shop in Bulk: offer to donate supplies needed for school (paper plates, napkins, juice, etc.)

    • Pitch in with an Enrichment Program: watch for notes to come home asking for volunteers for specific programs 

    • Share your Neat-Freak Tendencies: offer to come in and wash down cubbies, sinks, desks, etc. 

    • Show off your Job: offer to provide an informal presentation of what you do for work

    • Lend your Hands: offer to volunteer for family nights, school carnival, etc.

    • Shelve Books: Mrs. Hendricks would love for volunteers to help shelve books!

    • Manage the Drop-off: offer to help students arrive and depart during drop-off and pick-up times

    • Prep a Project: offer to your child’s teacher to help prep an upcoming project

    • Be a Reading Buddy: offer to help read with students

    • Join the Council: come to PTA/WAC meetings to offer support of Winona

    • Use your Grammar: offer your keen eyes to your school for proofreading and editing

    • Get Outside: offer to help be outside during recess or to help clean up campus

    • Lend your Language: offer to help welcome new families or provide translation

    • Pull on a Whistle: offer to help run an athletic extracurricular before or after school

    • Classroom Help: offer to help your child’s teacher in the classroom help is always needed!