Bill Reed’s MATCHCOUNTS for the 2021-2022 year.


    MATHCOUNTS will meet on Tuesday’s after school in Ms. Rehnstrom's classroom

    (room 194) on the 1st floor from 4:10 – 5:00.

    Transportation will not be provided, so please arrange transportation.


                           MATHCOUNTS is a middle school math competition club. If your student is interested in extending their mathematics learning beyond what you can do in the classroom, please consider talking to them about joining.

    Read more about MATHCOUNTS at: www.mathcounts.org  


    If you have a student that is interested in joining, but is not able to attend meetings, please contact Ms. Rehnstrom. We’d be happy to accommodate by including students virtually.


    You do not have to come to every practice to be part of MATHCOUNTS.


    Math Counts


    Ms. Rehnstrom is the leader/contact for MATHCOUNTS.