• Arrival/Dismissal
    Students may begin arriving at school at 7:45 (8:45 on Wednesday). The bell rings to begin class at 7:55. School is dismissed at 3:10. There is playground supervision at this time no after school care. Please contact the office if your student is absent.
    Children  may bring a nutritious snack for the morning snack period. Please DO NOT send chips, candy, or soda.Some children have food allergies and dietary restrictions, children may not share snacks.Students are allowed to have a water bottle.
    Items from Home
    Students are asked not to bring toys (including computer games, trading cards, iPods/MP3 players, etc.) from home. I will request mobile devices to read on Overdrive or Epic. A contract has been signed by your student and is on file in the office and your student has a copy in their data binder.The students are aware of the expectations and the consequences of breaking the technology contract.
    In effort  to respect the feelings of all our students, we ask that you not hand out invitations to parties at school.Thompson School District has dietary guidelines we must follow. We have children with various allergies and dietary restrictions. 
    Pencils,stickers, or small trinkets are welcome. We do recognize individual birthdays in the classroom and make each child feel special on his or her day.

    Homework folders are sent home every Mondays.Homework is unfinished classwork.Students will also have completed work in their folders. Reading consists of 45 min to an hour every day.


    Please check agendas for assignments and notes. Students receive spirit bucks for your signature.

    When a student has been absent, missed work might be sent home. Please help your child complete it and return it in a timely manner. Sometimes missed work must be done at school. When a student is going to miss school for an extended period of time, advance notice is appreciated. Some of the missed work can be done before the student leaves, but some may need to be made up upon return.