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    How can I support my child’s Spanish at home?
    Connect with PES Spanish on Wikispaces (http://pesspanish.wikispaces.com/) for vocabulary, videos and other resources from class, check out this app to practice Spanish at home!
    Duolingo can be accessed online or through the app for mobile devices: https://www.duolingo.com/. You can set a daily goal and be placed at the right level for your child, for free!
    What will my student be able to do in Spanish?
    Click here to learn more about Proficiency Levels and what your student at the Novice-Low (approaching Novice-Mid) range can do with language in the three modes.

    The Spanish units are content-based to support the homeroom curricula. You can find vocabulary to practice at home here on the website, posted by grade level. Feel free to contact us at Mrs. Sanders or Mrs. Neuhalfen. ¡Gracias! 
    Be sure to check the "Vocabulary" tab to the left for grade level vocabulary for the 1st quarter.   In addition to practicing our unit vocabulario at home, here is a site (http://www.e-spanyol.hu/en/vocabulary/words_home.php) where you can find some vocabulary to label in your home. It even includes the pronunciation when you click on the Spanish word under the "English-Spanish" section!
    Click here for the 2015-16 TSD Spanish Curriculum
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