Thompson School District Stakeholders Team

  • Children at Ponderosa Elementary School


    Welcome to the Thompson School District Stakeholders Team!

    The TSD Stakeholders team is a group of individuals - parents, community members, PTO/PTA members, SAC members, volunteer coordinators and more - who are deeply connected and dedicated to our schools and the district.  The group assists the district by distributing important information, sharing all of the great news of what's happening within Thompson, helping the district troubleshoot problems that need to be addressed and providing feedback on potential issues that require attention.

    Why is all of this important?  The answer is simple!

    As hard as district staff members work to keep abreast on what is happening within the schools, it is very difficult at times to be aware of some of the finer details within the buildings or to identify all of the potential problems that may be having an impact.  It is vitally important that the district has a robust group of community members like YOU who can help to bridge that "information gap" - a group that can help TSD solve problems before they become bigger distractions and also help celebrate all of the amazing things that are happening in every school!

    Interested in joining the team?  Here is how:

    For starters, attend our monthly meetings!  Each meeting is on the second Monday of the month during the school year at 9:00 AM.

    Stakeholders meetings are welcome to everyone; so please bring a friend or two!  Meetings typically focus on one or two topics of interest, followed by plenty of time to chat about how things are going in the schools.  Gatherings are very friendly and relaxed; it is a great time to meet and connect with other people throughout the district who want the exact same thing - for Thompson schools to be the very best they can be!  Please join us.

    This website serves as a hub of information for the Stakeholders group.  It will feature blog posts, scheduling information, materials related to the meetings and much more.

    If you have any questions about the Thompson Stakeholders Group, please contact Mike Hausmann, TSD Public Information Officer, at 613-5011 or via e-mail at