Information Directory

  • Whenever parents have questions, the best place to start is in the student's school. Thompson School District has adopted the philosophy of allowing as many decisions as possible to be made at the level closest to the students, staff and parents. However, most programs also have a designated coordinator for the entire district. This directory is designed to help parents find the appropriate contact person as quickly and easily as possible. The district’s main phone number is 970-613-5000. Information is also available on the district's website at
    Program Telephone Contact
    Athletics/Activities 613-5030 Deb Huffsmith
    Attendance Boundaries 613-5017 Skip Armatoski
    Budget/School Finance 613-5777 Gordon Jones
    Business Services 613-5777
    Gordon Jones
    Tami Ripley
    Career & Technical Education 613-6175 TBD
    Channel 14 Programming 613-5779 Brian Lindecker
    Child Abuse Prevention 613-6072 Julie Ward
    Communication & Community Resources 613-5011 Mike Hausmann
    Distribution of Materials in Schools 613-5011
    Mike Hausmann
    Janet Trujillo
    District Website 613-6089 Greg Blair
    Early Childhood Programs 613-5031
    Lamb Caro
    Sharon Johnson
    Elementary Education 613-5070
    Sara Rasmussen
    Anne Marie Sanchez
    Theresa Morgan
    English Language Development 613-6083 Clint Richards
    Extended Learning Opportunities (At Risk) 613-5302 Jason Germain
    Facilities Services 613-5364
    Kristen Battige
    Allie Schetrom
    Facility Rental 613-5351 Leah Howard
    Financial Services 613-5777 Gordon Jones
    Foreign Exchange Students 613-5032 Venessa Foster
    Gifted & Talented 613-5058 Carol Swalley
    Head Start 613-5761 Sharon Johnson
    Homebound Instruction 613-5092 Charlie Carter
    Homeschooling 613-5302 Jason Germain
    Human Resources 613-5012
    Bill Siebers
    Lisa Foxworth
    Instruction 613-5059 Dawne Huckaby
    Media Center (School Libraries) 613-5169 Jo Conlon
    Nutrition Services 613-5148 Lisa Kendall
    Operations 613-5050
    Todd Piccone
    Kristen Battige
    Allie Schetrom
    Planning 613-5017 Skip Armatoski
    Publications/News Media 613-5011 Mike Hausmann
    Purchasing 613-6888 James Edwards
    Safety & Security 613-5035
    Jesse Lunsford
    Jennifer Kingston (Dispatch)
    Secondary Education 613-6175
    Venessa Foster
    Student Health Services 613-5021 Barb Hartman
    Student Records 613-6781 Debbie Marshall
    Student Support Services 613-5092
    Charlie Carter
    Sammi Burchfield
    Superintendent of Schools 613-5013 Marc Schaffer
    Wendy Kryah
    Technology Services 613-5138
    Matt Kuhn
    Vicki Gillis
    Thompson Education Foundation 613-5067
    Kim Akeley-Charron
    Debbie Wright
    Thompson Online Campus 613-5989 Melissa Foss
    Title I Programs 613-6081 Cheryl Cook
    Translation Services 613-6779
    Margo Dominguez
    Nancy Quezada
    Transportation 613-5187 Myron Wilson
    Volunteers/VITAL Office 613-5072 Lisa Wegener