School begins at 9:00am on M, T, Th, and F.  As students arrive at school, they will be going directly into the building, wearing their masks, washing/sanitizing their hands, and proceeding to their advisory classroom.  If you are dropping your child off by car, please arrive no earlier than 8:45am.  Students are not allowed to be on campus prior to 8:45am and are asked to have their masks on as soon as they arrive on campus. 


    Wednesday is a late start schedule. School begins at 10:00am. The same procedures apply. Students are not allowed on campus prior to 9:45am.


    School ends at 4:15pm each day and here is the staggered dismissal schedule for CBMS to ensure that students leave campus safely and distanced: 

    Those students who walk to school will be dismissed at 4:05pm and need to be off campus by 4:08pm

    Students who get a ride to/from school/ have someone picking them up in a vehicle will be dismissed at 4:10pm

    Students who take the bus will be dismissed at 4:15pm and will get directly on the bus after dismissal