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    Summer Homework Links

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    AP Art/Jennifer Quick


    (AP Studio Art Page found under "MORE...") 


    Be sure to choose the right course to get the appropriate assignment:

    AP Studio Art: 2D Design


    AP Studio Art: Drawing


    AP Biology/Kristal Domenico

    Link to summer info on wikispace 


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    Note about Course Structure

    AP Bio Summer Assignment 

    AP Calculus AB/David Moore

    Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic, 5th Edition

    By Finney,Demana, Waits and Kennedy 

    Published by Pearson /Prentice Hall 

    ISBN 13: 9780133311617 AP* Edition


    AP Calculus AB 20-21 Summer Homework

    AP Chemistry/Scott Kindt

    CHEMISTRY 7th Edition  

    Zumdahl / Zumdahl

    ISBN 9780618528448 

    Summer assignment found here

    (under AP Chemistry at



    AP Computer Science A & Principles/Keith Lobdell


    No summer work.

    AP Environmental Science/Kristal Domenico

    Environment, 7th Edition

    Raven, Peter H.

    ISBN 9780470118573   

    Summer assignments can be found here

    AP Human Geography/Ashleigh Crumrine


    No summer work.

    AP Language and Composition/Allison Lanter

    The Language of Composition: Reading, Writing, and Rhetoric,

    2nd Ed.

    Shea, Renée Hausmann., Lawrence Scanlon, and Robin Dissin. Aufses. 

    ISBN 0312676506

    AP Lang and Comp Summer Assignment

    AP Physics 1/Scott Kindt

    Textbook Provided  

    No summer work.

    AP Statistics/Laurie Brandvold

    Stats: Modeling the World , 4th edition

    Bock, Velleman, De Veaux; Pearson Education 2010. 

    ISBN-10: 0321854012

    ISBN-13: 9780321854018

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    AP Statistics:  du6knp5

    AP US History/Kayla Steele

    America's History, 8th Ed.

    Henretta, James A.

    ISBN 9781457673825

    *AP Edition preferred


    US History Summer Assignment

    Western Civilization/Kayla Steele   

    A History of Western Societies, Volume

    1, 10th Ed.

    ISBN 0312640595 

    Western Civ Wikispace