Stansberry Elementary

  •            Angela Geraghty Principal: Angela Geraghty

                   407 E. 42nd St. Loveland, CO 80538
                   Phone: 970 613-6800






    Common Values: We believe in instruction that is rigorous, supports a love of learning, and is differentiated through diverse learning styles, varied depths of knowledge, and high levels of expectations. Student ownership of learning is a foundation for success.

    Slogan: SOAR—Safety, Ownership, Achievement, Respect

    Color: Teal

    Mascot: Falcon


    ASK (After School Kare) Program 

    Describe: We are an accepting, welcoming, small community school making a big difference! We are family oriented and our staff is learning oriented. We are responsive to needs, and students are the owners of their learning.

    Stellar Points: Differentiation; offer a lot of clubs and opportunities for kids; committed staff and Parent Teacher Organization. We are cohesive and don't easily give up.

    Special Offerings: Kids' Hope; a phenomenal website that provides parents with tips, videos, useful information; Fast Action Falcons, before school math program; Traversing Wall incorporated with achievements; Math & Movement – action-based learning; Free Little Library, books available at all times.

    Extracurricular: ACE (Achievement Comes with Effort) Homework Club; Running Club – SOAR Feet;  Creativity Night; Family Supper; Talent Show, Sock Hop; Family Movie Nights. Principal is very visible and staff supports events; have display case for kids to show off their hobbies, collections; use Fit sticks with activities on them; and we have a weather station.

    Climate: We are positive and community-focused – people work together to help each other; we are compassionate and caring – even kids compliment and encourage others; respectful; family focused – we know all of our families; we are dedicated and focused with great leadership!

    Awards/Recognition: Partnerships with Orchards Place/Erion Foundation Grant; HKC grant; Faith in Action through Good Shepherd; Food Packs with Rotary; Kids Hope

    Parent/Volunteer: Strong work in unison, toward same goals; support playground equipment, traverse wall, SOAR Chest, reading prizes, I-pads, air conditioning units, PARCC prizes, school supplies and more.

     We want each and every child, no matter what their background or academic ability.