Benefits & Risk Management

  • The district's various benefit programs and insurance coverages are established to protect employees against potential catastrophic loss by providing an adequate level of financial security in the event of unexpected absences related to health problems of the employee and/or dependent; a mechanism for which to pay for health-related expenses; and leave options, during which an employee's position with the district is protected.

    The information included in this section:

    • Family and Medical Leave
    • Flexible Spending Accounts - Section 125 Pre-tax Plan
    • Health Insurance which includes
      • Dental Insurance
      • Disability Insurance
      • Life Insurance
      • Medical Insurance
    • Leave of Absences
    • Paid Time Off (includes annual, accrued and vacation leave)
    • Sick Leave Bank
    • Supplement Insurance Options
    • Vision Insurance

    The primary objective of risk management is to protect the district against those elements of risk that could adversely affect the district ability to meet its strategic goals. The safety of our students, staff and visitors to district buildings is a top priority and a primary and continuous responsibility.

    The various programs, insurance coverages and requirements are established to protect the taxpayers' assets and investment in their schools, facilities, and grounds; to be good stewards of the public trust; and to follow prudent business practices.

    The information included in this section:

    • Accident Review Procedures
    • Certificates of Insurance
    • Colorado Governmental Immunity Act
    • District Safety Committee
    • District Standards / Standard Operating Procedures
    • Employee Injury/Workers Compensation
    • Indemnification/Hold Harmless Information
    • Liability Insurance and Claims
    • Motor Vehicle Record Review
    • Property Insurance and Claims
    • Safety/Safety Committees
    • Student Activities, Field Trips and Travel
    • Student Incident Report / Student Injury