• Learning Culture

    At Ponderosa, we believe in addressing the needs of the whole child.  We pride ourselves on ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment focused on academics as well as social and emotional learning.  We look for opportunities to engage and challenge each student as well as provide opportunities for students to explore gifts and talents.

    Academic Environment

    Our learning environment is focused on student mastery of the Colorado Academic State Standards.  To this end, all grade levels have scheduled uninterrupted blocks of time for foundational literacy and math instruction.

    Students also enjoy a weekly rotation of "specials" classes including Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer Lab, Library, and Spanish.  These classes allow students to explore their creative and innovative interests and participate in activities such as art showcases, music programs, physical and health activities, computer programming, MakerSpaces, and several service learning projects.

    Instructional Programs

    The teachers and staff at Ponderosa strive to meet the diverse needs of each and every student.  We have gifted and talented programming, a full range of services for students with learning disabilities, English Language Acquisition services for students needing to learn English, and specialized interventions in literacy and math.  All of these services are in addition to core instruction and compliment the classroom setting.

    Kindergarten students may attend morning or afternoon half-day classes, or a tuition-based full-day class.  We also have a Preschool program that is housed at our school as well.  For more information about Preschool, please see the district's main web page for further details.

    Social Emotional Learning

    The caring and concern of a child’s development in the areas of social, emotional, and behavioral growth is foundational to a child’s academics.  We provide many opportunities for students to learn how to be positive, caring individuals who make good choices. Our school uses the Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBiS) behavioral system, from Pre-K through 5th Grade.  Our School Counselor also provides classroom guidance lessons focused on topics such as friendships, kindness, and citizenship.  We encourage students to be “Bucket Fillers” and to practice “Random Acts of Kindness” on a daily basis!