• The LHS Choir Council offers students the opportunity to gain leadership experience, assist with various needs within the choir/music department, and promote the vocal music department within the school and the community. These student leaders are to help in the day-to-day operations of the choir program. Although there certainly are other strong leaders in choir, a strong leadership hierarchy is important to our success. If a choir member has a complaint about a council member, he/she should contact the choir director who will consider the complaint and outline a course of action. Each of these officers will be elected by a campaign/election process. A student leadership application can be found online or in the choir room. The following is a list of the available positions and a brief description. 



    Create agenda for monthly Choir Council meetings; run all Choir Council meetings and any full choir meetings; be in charge of all student officers; delegate jobs; ensure that all officers are fulfilling their jobs; plan social activities and service projects


    Administrative Vice-President

    Ensure that all students and parents have accurate contact information entered in the choral contact spreadsheet; ensure that all Choir Council planned activities have the proper facilities reservation paperwork completed; assist the Choir Booster Organization Uniform Chair and coordinate with Choir Representatives to ensure uniforms are ordered, distributed, hemmed, and a buy-back list is assembled at the end of each year.


    Logistical Vice-President

    Assist the director with choral concert logistics; chair the Setup Committee and coordinate choir representatives and volunteers to set up and tear down before and after events and concerts; assist directors with bus lists for each event and make sure each bus is supplied with all necessary non-medical supplies.


    Library Vice-President

    Maintain choral library; train and coordinate Choir Representatives to ensure library items are properly checked in, checked out, and maintained; create master folders of music for each choir



    Keep minutes from Choir Council and choir meetings; write thank you notes to those who assist the choir; keep a binder of all programs for the school year; assist with other officers as needed



    Work with the Choir Booster Organization parent liaison to collect and distribute choir spirit-wear items; keep track of order forms and sizing for t-shirts, etc.; collect, organize, and/or turn in monies collected from various choir events or fundraisers to director and fill out appropriate paperwork for the director.


    Public Relations Officer

    Keep a record of all LHS Choir Department activities for the year through photos, articles, journals, etc.; assist in preparing photos and captions for the school yearbook; maintain the choir/music bulletin boards in the choir room and the hallway by the choir room; maintain the LHS Choir Facebook page and the LHS Twitter handle on a weekly basis. 


    Representatives-At-Large from each choir class

    Put up posters in the school to advertise choir concerts and other choir sponsored events; assist with ushering at choir shows and concerts;  serve as members of the Uniform, Set-Up, and Library Committees and as such:

    1. Assist in organizing and distributing uniforms for their choir and notify the Choir Booster Organization liaison if a student has lost any accessories. Keep in close contact with Administrative Vice President for this duty.

    2. Assist in the set up of concerts and all other events. Keep in close contact with Logistical Vice President for this duty.

    3. Maintain and oversee music distribution for their choir. Keep in close contact with Library Vice President for this task.