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     Caring: Our Way of Life
    Ms. Sarah Morehead, sponsor
    Mrs. Courtney Sylva, sponsor

    Key Club is an international volunteering organization set up by Kiwanis Club.  

    Our purpose is to help our school and community and to have fun.



    Meeting Times

    Meetings start at 11:05 so you can get some lunch and bring it to the meeting. Meetings generally last about 15 minutes so you don’t have to spend all your lunch time in meetings.


    Lettering Information

    You must pay your $15 in dues which supports local, district, and international Key Club activities.
    You must have a parent permission slip to attend events.
    You must be at 50% of meetings.
    You must have 45 hours of community service. At least 20 of these hours must be at Key Club sponsored events. Personal hours must have an explanation of what you did and a supervisor’s signature.
    You must attend any required events. During the year a few activities may be deemed mandatory because of their size or importance.


    How to be a member in good standing

    Just do the lettering requirements except instead of 45 hours, it is only 35 hours.
    Do not sign up for an event and not show up! If you can’t go, find a replacement. Things do come up and if there is a problem, just let us know. If you sign up for but do not attend events three times, we will subtract 1 hour from your service record.

    Officer Information

    We meet every other Thursday in the library during lunch. Officers are elected in February each year.
    Any member can run as long as they have been an active key Club member the previous year. Officers meet after regular meetings each week.