•  River Watch Club


    River Watch is a science club that monitors watersheds throughout Colorado. Colorado Parks and Wildlife provides training and support to school-sponsored programs.  Loveland High School maintains a chapter that focuses on the quality of water in the Big Thompson River and the health of the surrounding watershed. We perform water tests on the Big Thompson River every month and submit our data to Parks and Wildlife. Our members are certified to collect and perform chemical tests, and the data from our tests is used in court and legal situations throughout the Front Range.

    We run tests for metals, dissolved oxygen, pH, alkalinity, hardness, and macroinvertebrates living in the river. We help educate the student body with environmental awareness activities during the school year. We are concerned about the health of our planet and are always looking for dedicated students who want to have fun and make a difference in our world.  River Watch provides an environmental outlet for the students at Loveland High and plays a vital role for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. 

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